Addicted to Fitness' mission is simple-

to change lives.  I want to help understand the goal of maintaining  a healthy lifestyle which comprises of staying active and eating healthy is attainable; Addicted to Fitness can be instrumental in achieving that goal.  

We've become a docile and lethargic people.  We've applied this lackluster approach where our physical health is concerned and it is being passed to our children.  It is apparent in the alarming obesity rate among American people and rising rampantly with our youth.

Too often we are bombarded with television and internet adds of promises to "lose weight easily, boast your metabolism and energy levels", are promised all this through a miracle pill or pills.  I want to teach people, adults and children alike, the goal, again, can be attained, but not through any miracle pill, instead through them engaging in fun, rigorous challenging and most of all physically rewarding activities.  Realistic weight loss achieved  over time through consistent and routine healthy measures.  This is the best and healthiest way to attain weight loss.  it won't be easy,especially we've adopted a complacent attitude toward non-activity.  Nonetheless, this is a challenge I feel confident of; that I can make an impactful healthy change in the lives of the people I train and those in their lives.

Of course, Addicted to Fitness will encompass more than weight loss. Addicted to Fitness will include all aspects of of 






consuming more fruits and vegetables; including juicing, to eating fewer meats (red), and more fish and poultry, more balanced consciousness in what we put in our body; and understanding how that greatly dictates what we will get out of and from our bodies.

Through Addicted to Fitness I want to awaken people and evoke something within them.  Something so strong that they will yearn to be the best, healthiest, and most individual they can be.